Season 2 of “The Smurfs” arrives on Netflix in June 2024;  Seasons 3-4 confirmed
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Season 2 of “The Smurfs” arrives on Netflix in June 2024; Seasons 3-4 confirmed

The Smurfs renewed for seasons 3 and 4 coming to Netflix

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The Smurfs’ season 2 will finally be available on Netflix from the end of June 2024. During the Annecy Film Festival, Peyo Company also confirmed that it is working on a fourth season in addition to the already announced third season, both of which will be finally released on Netflix.

Fast forward to April 2021 and we learned that Netflix would be working with Peyo Company to bring the classic Smurfs series and a new 3D animated Smurfs series to the streamer.

First airing on Nickelodeon in the United States (and other local distributors elsewhere), Netflix has obtained the first season of The Smurfs worldwide throughout 2023, with the United States receiving all 52 episodes on May 1. While some other regions had to wait a little longer, every Netflix region finally started streaming the new season.

A year after the abandonment of this first season, Netflix should finally receive season 2, broadcast on Nickelodeon from July 18, 2022. The new season, like season 1, will include 52 episodes and should arrive on Netflix sometime of the month. United States on June 30. Netflix has confirmed the availability of Season 2 in the June 2024 preview slate.

Release dates in other regions for The Smurfs season 2 may vary.

The good news doesn’t stop there: there will be a third and fourth season, as Peyo Company confirmed at the Annecy Festival!

We have known that season 3 of the series is coming for a while now. It is expected to include another 52 episodes confirmed to air on Nickelodeon in summer 2024 and, based on previous schedules, is expected to arrive on Netflix within the next two years.

A fourth season has also been confirmed to be in “pre-development.”

A Peyo Company representative confirmed to What’s on Netflix that seasons 3 and 4 will eventually come to Netflix, but could not specify when exactly.

Apart from Netflix, Peyo Company also revealed that it is partnering with Paramount Pictures for a feature film based on The Smurfs is expected to hit theaters in February 2025. The company also announced news outside of The Smurfs, confirming that it would revive other characters from the Johan & Peewit and Benny Breakiron comics using modern animation. To do this, they unveiled two projects: Tales of Johan and Peewit And Benny Breakiron.

Johan and Peewit 16x9 Logo CmykJohan and Peewit 16x9 Logo Cmyk

Photo: Peyo Company

Netflix will present its library of upcoming animated titles in the coming days at the Annecy Film Festival. Today we have a new look at Esoteric season 2, with other titles that will be presented in the coming days, including Bewitched, This Christmas, The idiots, twilight of the godsand the next Wallace and Gromit movie.

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