Why you should “never wear makeup on planes” – and the reason is disgusting
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Why you should “never wear makeup on planes” – and the reason is disgusting

For many, getting dressed up for the airport is part of the trip.

Putting on a fresh outfit and spending a lot of time on makeup is not unusual for vacationers – after all, you want to arrive at your destination looking your best. However, there’s a reason you shouldn’t wear makeup on a plane because, according to expert @dthekorean, “flying is terrible for your skin.”

In a TikTok video, he explained why it’s a good idea to choose products like moisturizer on the plane instead of loading up on foundation, concealer, bronzer and the rest. “Flying on a plane is literally one of the worst things you can do to your skin, so here are some tips you can follow to look radiant,” he advised.

He warned that “you should never wear makeup on a plane because it will dry out your skin and your skin will become oily to compensate for the dryness and your makeup will look sticky.”

The guru also revealed that you’ll look “dull and drab” after the flight because being “so high up that it prevents blood from flowing to your face,” so doing “a few squats” will help restore blood flow throughout your body. He also emphasized that you’re “30,000 feet closer to the sun,” which is why it’s so important to wear SPF and close windows when possible.

In the comments, the former flight attendant agreed: “As a former flight attendant, I 100% agree with the sunscreen part! Since we have to wear makeup, I found a way to keep it intact.”

Another person commented: “I’m not the one watching this on a plane in makeup.”

A third questioned the wisdom of applying skin care on a plane, writing: “I saw people taking care of their skin on planes, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing because of the air. I read that it simply traps the recovered air in your skin.”