Riot sees expensive Ahri Faker skin as a chance for LoL fans to “help defray the costs of esports”
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Riot sees expensive Ahri Faker skin as a chance for LoL fans to “help defray the costs of esports”

The League of Legends The community was divided during the debate over the announcement of the most expensive skin pack in the game, and Riot Games has finally responded to the community’s reaction.

“It’s a good opportunity to both celebrate iconic professional gamers and help defray the costs of esports,” CEO League Studio Andrea “Meddler” van Roon said on Reddit, highlighting the fact that Faker’s cosmetics sales will greatly contribute to the sustainability of the esports ecosystem.

Splash art for the LeBlanc Hall of Legends skin in League of Legends
Faker’s LeBlanc is very iconic. Image via Riot Games

According to Riot, esports derives its funding primarily from “a combination of sponsorships and in-game cosmetic sales,” and this event, Hall of Legends, was a “good opportunity” to experiment with a dedicated Hall of Legends event. This “customized content” was a great way to do that.

Meddler also said that Riot Games should offer content at a wide range of different prices, as the event pass, which can be purchased for 1,950 RP, is already a great deal for most. However, the company tried to cater to players who wanted “dedicated skins for the event, with a combination of new features and exclusivity, or both.”

“We think this is the time where we should also offer really expensive versions, similar to collectors editions/collectibles in other contexts,” Meddler continued. “They are created for a very small part of the audience who want this kind of price in exchange for much more exclusivity,” he added, wondering about the target audience of skins, i.e. gamers who expect extra flair from their cosmetics.

According to the company, these purchases of expensive skins fuel the development of Riot’s long-term vision to ensure the financial sustainability of esports as part of their commitment, and serve as an investment in Lots of laughs e-sports scene.

WITH League The 14.12 update coming to the official servers will make it possible for gamers and skin enthusiasts to get their hands on the most expensive cosmetic pack, Hall of Legends, and Faker will lead the charge for the first esports personality cosmetic that is a source of pride for the entire gaming ecosystem. However, in the face of highly appreciated and expensive skins, the community felt alienated as most people could not afford to get cosmetics to celebrate their favorite esports icon.

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