Dr Michael Mosley news – new CCTV footage shows star’s heartbreaking final walk and ’cause of death revealed’
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Dr Michael Mosley news – new CCTV footage shows star’s heartbreaking final walk and ’cause of death revealed’

“He will be known as an extraordinary broadcaster.”

Downing Street said Michael Mosley was an “extraordinary broadcaster” who had a “huge influence” on people’s lives.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: ‘The reports over the weekend are heartbreaking and our thoughts are with the family of Dr Michael Mosley, his wife Clare and friends at what will certainly be a very sad time.

“We saw incredibly touching tributes that highlighted the enormous impact Dr. Mosley had on people and helped change their lives for the better.

“He will be known as an extraordinary broadcaster who used his platform to influence and change the way we think about many public health issues.”

A few meters from security

The 67-year-old health guru was just a 90-second walk from the safety of a beach bar on the Greek island of Symi when he collapsed.

Described as “adventurous” by his partner, Dr Mosley decided to return to their apartment after visiting St. Nikolas with two friends.

However, what should have been a 20-minute journey turned into tragedy as Dr. Mosley’s body was found more than two miles from its destination.

According to a witness, Dr. Mosley was found on Sunday morning after someone noticed the shine of his watch.

Who is Clare Bailey?

Clare Bailey is a GP based in Buckinghamshire who specializes in nutrition and dietetics and is also the wife of TV doctor Michael Mosley.

He specializes in helping patients lose weight, lower blood sugar levels and achieve diabetes remission.

Clare is also a bestselling author who has written books including the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book, the Clever Guts Diet Recipe Book, the Fast 800 Recipe Book and the Fast 800 Easy Recipe Book.

Her husband went missing after hiking on the Greek island of Symi on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

A local cameraman describes the moment he noticed the body

A local cameraman who was part of a crew filming search and rescue teams searching for Dr Michael Mosley described the moment he spotted the body.

Antonios told Sky News: “When we went to Agia Marina beach, I noticed something black behind the fence at the end of the beach. I wasn’t sure so I zoomed in with my camera as far as I could, it was about 300m away.

“I saw something and I wasn’t sure… We got a little closer, about 200 m. I took the photo again, but with the camera, it’s too small, I wasn’t sure, so we decided that when we go back to the cafe, we will play the footage.

“So we took a picture of the screen with an iPhone, enlarged it, and you can clearly see the man lying there.”

Antonios became emotional as he added: “The description is exactly like the guy we are looking for. I’m very sorry about the family. I’m sorry I was the one who found it. “I wish we had better news.”