This waiter repeated what you just ordered with correct pronunciation in front of all your colleagues
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This waiter repeated what you just ordered with correct pronunciation in front of all your colleagues

Time to update your old CV! An otherwise pleasant lunch at work was interrupted when a waiter earning minimum wage plus tips repeated your order, with what is obvious to everyone is the correct pronunciation of the dish.


Jamie from Marketing, who was caught high last Friday afternoon, was the office pariah walking into this Italian restaurant with a $2 price range, and you found a way to hide under him. If you thought the mental scars of getting drunk in front of a coworker you had a crush on were bad, you’ll have nightmares about it for the rest of your life!

The office intern right after you ordered the same thing, and even though he would have made the same mistake, he is now your de facto superior. Paige from Accounting thought you were a decent guy, but as soon as she heard you pronounce Creste Al Forno as “Cre-Sa-te-Ale-for-ri-no” she wanted to punch you hard enough to dislocate you. jaw in front of your boss.

Speaking of your boss, not only has he started texting HR to immediately begin processing your termination, but he’s also contacted your parents through the emergency contact you provided to let them know what nonsense they wrote. Instead of standing up for you, now they’re arguing among themselves about which of them should be blamed for their kid turning out to be such a fucking fool. Get ready for two Christmases because you failed Italian.

“This is a new record for all office employees. I once discreetly had diarrhea during a client presentation” – the one co-worker who finds you sexier than heard after you went to the bathroom to hyperventilate. “I feel bad, it could have been me. When we went to this Mexican place last week, I didn’t realize that Ceviche wasn’t pronounced “see Vicky.” I only got away with it because they make you order lunch there for less than $15 on iPads.

The staff brings out a cake with sparkling candles and claps “Happy Birthday” and yet everyone in the restaurant is still looking at you. You should just walk out the door at this point, feigning an illness that no one believes in, before the staff physically kicks you out, you fucking cultureless Neanderthal.