The BBC announces a heartbreaking tribute program to Michael Mosley following his tragic death
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The BBC announces a heartbreaking tribute program to Michael Mosley following his tragic death

The BBC has revealed plans for two moving tributes to late TV stalwart Michael Mosley, who tragically died recently while on holiday in Greece.

The upcoming program Michael Mosley – The Doctor Who Changed Britain aims to tell the story of his illustrious television career spanning almost 40 years. This comes after his body was discovered following his disappearance on the island of Symi last Wednesday. The beloved expert was found last Sunday near Agia Marina beach in difficult terrain.

Beginning his career as a doctor, Michael later moved into television presenting. He presented a number of BBC science programs and documentaries, including the popular series Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, which explored medical practices in the UK.

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An upcoming special on BBC One, scheduled for Friday at 8pm, will explore the transformative impact his work has had on people’s lives. According to the Mirror, deeper details will be revealed about his role as executive producer on series such as Pompeii The Last Day, Krakatoa Revealed, Life Before Birth and Supervolcano.

Michael Mosley will be the subject of two BBC documentaries(Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

The BBC said: “His programs have had a lasting impact on the nation’s health habits, from intermittent fasting to the benefits of a cold shower. Michael also shared his own struggles with viewers around the world; As a chronic insomniac, he created programs about sleep and, ever curious, would also go to extremes in his pursuit of science, even infecting himself with a tapeworm. “By celebrating Michael’s career, this program commemorates the enormous impact he had, touching the lives of so many.”

The BBC will pay tribute to the late Dr Michael Mosley with two special programs later this week

The brand new show, There’s Only One Michael Mosley, will air on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds this Friday at 11am. The program will feature Mosley’s final interview, which is believed to have been recorded just a month ago.