Neil Marshall has new information on a potential ‘Dog Soldiers’ sequel.
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Neil Marshall has new information on a potential ‘Dog Soldiers’ sequel.

We recently celebrated our 22nd anniversary Neil Marshall Dog soldiers here in Bloody Disgusting, a fan-favorite werewolf movie that still doesn’t have a sequel. What are the chances after over 20 years Dog soldiers 2 ever howling entered our lives?

Inverse asked Neil Marshall the same question in a new interview released this month. Bad news? It’s still no closer to happening. But Marshall isn’t giving up yet.

“I feel like he’s probably dead because it’s become very quiet on the other side,” Marshall tells the site, no doubt referring to the copyright issues that have long held up sequel talks. “But I don’t give up; there is still a possibility

He continues: “For the last six years we have been trying to get things off the ground. I have a story in mind, but I haven’t written the script yet because I want to know first whether we’ll actually do it or not. It’s a good idea and I know Kevin McKidd (Cooper) is on board, but everything went quiet and we don’t know why. We’ll see. I can’t live waiting for this to happen. If it happens, it happens. But it will always be a double-edged sword.”

“The fans want it and I would love to give it to them, but if I do something, they won’t thank me,” Marshall elaborates on this thought. “The most important thing is to make sure it lives up to the first one. This is the hardest part.

He teases himself: “The new take on the story is fresh and reflects the fact that 20 years have passed. The action takes place in a tight environment, but larger than in the first film.

Dog soldiers soldiers fight werewolves in the Scottish wilderness, and the original plan was for a trilogy of films. In fact, it was announced back in 2004 Dog soldiers: Fresh meat he was at work. Of course, this never came to fruition.

Paul Le wrote here on BD earlier this year: “The incredible highs of werewolf horror make up for its many, many lows. And after over twenty years Dog soldiers remains a reference point.”

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