Ducati was worried about the new WSBK regulations for 2025
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Ducati was worried about the new WSBK regulations for 2025

Ducati has dominated the World Superbike Championship (WSBK) in recent years, but the future is a cause for concern. This is because the maximum fuel flow rate will be set in 2025 – after establishing earlier this year that all manufacturers must measure fuel flow and report it to the FIM.

As technical coordinator Marco Zambenedetti revealed to Motorsport-Total.com, fuel flow restriction is a problem for Ducati: “This is a big problem. However, at the moment we do not know how big a problem this will be. Using a fuel flow meter, engine power can be directly limited‘.

This is a way to easily limit engine performance while ensuring safety and performance that is comparable to MotoGP bikes. Therefore, manufacturers with more powerful engines are likely to see a greater impact as fuel consumption is linked to performance.

Zambenedetti has no doubt that Ducati will feel it the most:We are at the greatest disadvantage because our engine is revving at its highest. High revs require a lot of fuel. Their target was an area where we had an advantage in the past but could no longer exploit‘.

Taking into account the situation, the Borgo Panigale manufacturer does not remain idle, as the engineer emphasized: “We are already dealing with this, but we are unable to estimate how significant the restrictions will be. The boundaries still need to be defined.”.