Pickup driver attacked over suspected cattle theft in Digboi
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Pickup driver attacked over suspected cattle theft in Digboi

Digboi, June 11: In a shocking incident involving cow vigilantes, a pickup truck driver was brutally beaten up by several people in a village in Digboi over suspicions that he was involved in cattle theft.

A group of people vandalized a vehicle carrying cattle that was traveling from Digboi towards Tinsukia and the driver was physically attacked.

The driver claimed that the perpetrators of the attack on him and his assistant were members of the village guard.

According to sources, incidents of cattle theft have been taking place in various parts of Digboi police jurisdiction for a long time. Despite the victims filing reports to the police regarding these thefts, the police in Digboi have not yet managed to apprehend any perpetrators.

Due to this, angry locals suspected that the vehicle was being used to steal cattle and physically attacked the driver and his assistant.

Digboi Police arrived at the scene to bring the situation under control. An investigation is ongoing into the incident.