Rachels Nichols ‘exhausted’ by recent WNBA coverage
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Rachels Nichols ‘exhausted’ by recent WNBA coverage

Rachel Nichols denounced double standards in the media following the response to the Connecticut solar guard Dijonaï Carrington mocks Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark for flop.

During Monday’s game between the Sun and the Fever, Clark fouled Carrington while trying to dribble past her. At the point of contact, Clark appeared to subtly shake his head back in an attempt to sell the call. When she received the call, Carrington mocked her by making fun of the exaggerated head movement.

Since then, Carrington has been criticized online for this act. Similar to the situation with the Chicago Sky guard Chennedy Cartersome even accused Carrington of being jealous of Clark.

In Tuesday’s episode UndisputedNichols expressed how “tired” these WNBA conversations have become.

“I saw two athletes in a highly competitive situation,” Nichols said. “I mean, the Sun would probably still win this game. You’re talking about the Pistons versus the Nuggets here in terms of position… But I’ve seen athletes play basketball. I’m so exhausted from having to pretend that women have to play a different kind of game. That Carrington is rude? “That’s so rude.” It was bad sportsmanship. Guess what? We see it all the time! Caitlin is not a delicate flower. We have to stop pretending. She’s an athlete. She knows how to play basketball; and in the

NBA, we see it again and again and again.

Nichols then specifically mentioned NBA players Patrick Beverly And Chris Paul, who have mocked each other for their failures in the past. Women, she continued, should be allowed to do the same without facing media criticism.

“Why can’t women play the same game as men? ” she says. “Why do we talk about good manners? Why (do we say) “She was mean to her”? It’s not basketball!

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