Woman allegedly packed boyfriend in suitcase and left him for dead: prosecutors
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Woman allegedly packed boyfriend in suitcase and left him for dead: prosecutors

Content warning: This story contains details that readers may find graphic

In October, a Florida woman went on trial after allegedly murdering her boyfriend by stuffing him into a suitcase.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said at the time that Jorge Torres Jr., 42, was killed in February 2020 in Winter County, Florida, leading to the arrest of his girlfriend, Sarah Boone, who was charged with second-degree murder.

Torres “died after Boone locked him in a suitcase and did not return for hours,” according to the sheriff’s office. Boone’s trial date is set for October 7, WESH, FOX 35 Orlando and Orlando Sentinel reported on Friday.

According to footage obtained by FOX 35 Orlando, investigators reviewed videos on Boone’s phone that show Torres trying to free himself from the suitcase while Boone laughs behind the camera, accuses him of cheating and mocks him. The footage shows a medium-sized blue suitcase lying on the ground, moving from inside.

In an arrest affidavit quoted by FOX 35 Orlando, WESH and Orlando Sentinel.

“For everything you’ve done to me. (expletive) you. Stupid,” Boone allegedly says from behind the camera as a voice from inside the suitcase continually calls her name. According to the affidavit, the man inside the suitcase, identified by authorities as Torres, begs Boone to be released, calmly calls her name and says he can’t breathe.

“Yes, that’s what you do when you choke me,” Boone says.

“Sarah, Sarah,” he says, and Boone laughs. “Sarah, I can’t breathe, honey.”

“It’s your fault,” he allegedly replies in the recording.

“This is how I feel when you cheat on me,” she allegedly says later in the video as Torres continues to call out to her.

“Please, Sara,” Torres says.

“Shhh!” Boone appears to be responding.

In another clip, the suitcase is visible several feet from where it was in the previous scene. Torres can be heard pleading with her and calmly calling her name, his voice becoming more desperate with each call.

During the investigation, Boone allegedly told authorities that Torres died after a game of hide and seek gone wrong, according to WESH. Orlando Sentinel and FOX 35 Orlando.

According to investigators, FOX 35 Orlando and WESH, she fell asleep while Torres was in the suitcase and when she woke up, she found him dead.

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According to WESH, FOX 35 Orlando and Orlando Sentinel.

As of 2020, Boone has been held without bail and has pleaded not guilty to the charges Orlando Sentinel.

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