The jawan was injured while trying to stop an infiltration attempt along the Bangladesh border
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The jawan was injured while trying to stop an infiltration attempt along the Bangladesh border

A Border Security Force (BSF) officer was seriously injured in an attack by several men who were illegally trying to enter India from Bangladesh. The incident took place on June 10 around 10.45 pm near the BSF border outpost located in Nadia district of West Bengal.

On-duty police officer Gokul Mondal observed the movement of 6-7 suspicious persons within Indian territory. He immediately alerted neighboring ambush and patrolling groups to remain vigilant.

At around 11.20 p.m., another BSF commandant spotted three and four persons crossing the Indo-Bangladesh Border Road (IBBR) from the Bangladesh side after breaking the improvised fence.

Despite being ordered to stop, the men continued to advance into Indian territory.

The situation escalated when suspicious individuals attempted to surround and potentially harm the lead police officer, prompting him to fire a non-lethal shot in self-defense.

In response to the commotion, policeman Gokul Mondal rushed to help, but was attacked by men who were already 450 meters from Indian territory.

The attackers attacked Mondal with sharp weapons, causing him serious injuries to his lower hips, waist and neck. His uniform was torn and his belt was cut by the force of the attack.

Despite these injuries and the critical damage to his rifle, Constable Mondal followed the non-lethal engagement protocol by refraining from using lethal weapons, a BSF statement said.

The accused managed to escape back to Bangladesh.

Constable Mondal was subsequently evacuated to hospital and his condition remains critical.

According to the BSF spokesperson, information regarding the attackers was conveyed to the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and a commandant-level flag meeting was scheduled to clarify the issue.


June 11, 2024