A husband admits to killing his wife over a custody dispute
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A husband admits to killing his wife over a custody dispute

Anna Sviridenko, chi era la donna uccisa e messa in un bagagliaio dal marito a Modena: il delito per l'affidamento dei figli

Her name was Anna Sviridenko and she was a radiology resident at…

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Her name was Anna Sviridenko, and she was a radiology resident at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Unimore). A 40-year-old woman was murdered last night in Modena. Her husband, Andrea Paltrinieri, a 48-year-old engineer, brought her body in a van to Carabinieri station and was arrested for the crime. Andrea Paltrinieri kills his wife and goes to the police station: “It was me, the body is in the van.” The two argued over custody of the child. University “Our community is devastated by the news of the brutal murder of one of our radiology residents,” wrote Carlo Adolfo Porro, rector of Unimore. “Femicide is a cancer that we can no longer tolerate, a shame that stains our humanity and there are no half-measures to condemn it: it is a vile, inhuman and unacceptable act. It is time for our society to rise up decisively against this barbarism.” The university, he stressed, will stand on the side of the victim’s family and is ready to become “a civil party in the process that will be resolved.” Tomorrow, all university flags will be lowered to half-mast. Andrea Paltrinieri, who is the man who killed his wife in Modena and went to the police station with the body in the trunk? Husband’s confession “I killed her, the body is in the van outside.” With these words, spoken last evening before the carabinieri on duty, 48-year-old engineer Andrea Paltrinieri confessed to the murder of his wife, Anna Sviridenko, a 40-year-old woman of Russian origin, a radiology resident at Unimore, at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. After killing her by strangulation in their home on the outskirts of Modena’s historic center, Paltrinieri took the woman’s body in a vehicle directly to the provincial Carabinieri headquarters on Via Pico della Mirandola. At the police station, he was arrested almost flagrante delicto on suspicion of aggravated intentional murder and then transferred to Sant’Anna prison to await the approval of the arrest by the investigating judge. Another murder of a woman, another. Childcare The murder, it transpired, occurred over the care of the couple’s children, aged two and three, a dispute that had its defining moment just yesterday. The victim, Anna Sviridenko, asked the judicial authorities in Innsbruck (Austria), where she resides, to regulate dominant custody of her minor children and the father’s visitation rights. The proceedings were concluded on May 17 last year; it was agreed that the two children would live mainly with their mother, with visitation rights from their father. Last January, Paltrinieri filed an application for judicial separation in the civil court of Modena, challenging the jurisdiction of the Austrian judicial authority. The court in Modena decided not to take urgent interim measures because there was already a judgment of the foreign community judge (and therefore a judgment recognizable in our country). In February last year, the woman filed an application to the court in Innsbruck to obtain sole custody of her two children. And just yesterday, the judges agreed to her request. The moment of the murder The murder occurred when the 40-year-old was in Modena to take her children to Austria, where she achieved significant professional achievements in the field of medicine. Yesterday evening, after taking the man’s testimony, the carabinieri opened the engineer’s vehicle without damaging the evidence. Inside, in the trunk, was his wife’s body, curled up in a ball. Prosecutor Paola Campilongo arrived at the scene, and an examination of the body by the medical examiner showed that the victim’s head was wrapped in a black plastic bag, tied around the neck with a plastic-covered electrical cord. After removing the bag, it was found that the woman’s neck was compressed with a belt. “Another case of a man who could not accept the end of a relationship and decided to kill. This is a terrible and serious act, the eleventh this year in Italy,” commented Mayor Massimo Mezzetti, who was just elected yesterday. Aou from Modena recalls “a tragedy that shocked the entire staff, not only Policlinico, where Anna was doing her residency, but the entire company.”

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