Katie Holmes admits that Suri’s teenage daughter wasn’t impressed with her dance moves
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Katie Holmes admits that Suri’s teenage daughter wasn’t impressed with her dance moves

Katie Holmes rarely reveals details about her private life with Suri, who is now 18 and has been the subject of press intrusions in the years since her daughter’s arrival.

However, from what Lake of dreams star said: It looks like the mother-daughter duo has the best relationship and is also incredibly normal!

Katie previously admitted to her unconventional morning routine, which included dancing as a way to wake up Suri.

In 2022, the star spoke to InStyle about her private life, telling the publication: “Well, I love dance parties. I try to organize it every morning to wake my baby up, but she rejects it. I just need a knee pad and a little Versace number.”

While Suri wasn’t impressed with her mom’s dance moves, it’s safe to say the teen inherited Katie’s performing talents.

Katie Holmes wakes up her daughter Suri with a dance

Suri has been the star of several school plays in recent years, including playing the lead role of Morticia Addams in The Addams Familyand she is also an amazing singer whose singing can be seen in the opening credits of the movie Katie, Better togetherin 2022.

Katie has been raising Suri in New York for over a decade, and the mother-daughter duo moved to the East Coast shortly after Katie’s split from Tom Cruise in 2012.

Suri grew up in New York

Until then, they divided their time between New York and Los Angeles. Since the move, the Hollywood star has managed to raise her daughter away from the public glare, and she has previously opened up about why New York is such a special place for both her and Suri.

She told InStyle: “This city has a lot to offer and I’m taking advantage of it. Yes, sometimes it’s a little too exposed and we work hard to maneuver and navigate. But what I love about New York is that for me and my baby, this is our vibe. When there are 25 things to do every night, it throws you off balance.

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Katie and Suri are incredibly close – pictured in 2018

“And you know what else I discovered? There is a place near my house where foot massages take place until midnight. This is what New York offers!”

Suri will soon begin living away from New York in September when she moves to Pennsylvania for college.

Katie shares her only child with ex-husband Tom Cruise

On Friday, a TikTok video revealed that Suri will attend Carnegie Mellon University. The private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was founded in 19000 and is located in the city formerly known as the Gateway to the West.

Suri is believed to be studying at the School of Design, which offers a variety of subjects and suits students with interests ranging from graphic designers, illustrators, animators, fashion designers and artists, all housed in one department.