When Joey King Weight Loss Left Kissing Booth Taylor’s co-star Zakhar Perez ‘worried’
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When Joey King Weight Loss Left Kissing Booth Taylor’s co-star Zakhar Perez ‘worried’

Actress Joey King is known for her rigorous fitness regime, disciplined eating habits and regular workouts. The Kissing Booth star is taking her movie preparation to the next level. This was evident in her recent miniseries We Were the Lucky Ones. Joey had to undergo significant weight loss to play the role of a “very, very, very slim Jewish woman.” Although this transformation was only part of the show, Joey’s friend and former Taylor co-star Zakhar Perez expressed concern for her well-being.

The Kissing Booth co-stars recently appeared on Variety’s “Actors on Actors,” where they engaged in candid conversation, teased each other, and shared interesting details. They also discussed their most recent roles, including King’s portrayal of a young Jewish woman against the backdrop of World War II in the Hulu miniseries.

When Joey King’s big weight loss made Taylor Zakhar Perez worried

During the conversation, Joey King recalled the time when she was filming “We Were the Lucky Ones” in Romania and Zakhar Perez came to meet her, which made her very happy. “You visited me in Romania, where we shot “We Were the Lucky Ones” for seven months. I was very grateful. I missed you so much and I was so glad you came,” she said.

Joining the event, the Red, White and Blue star shared how concerned he was when he saw himself losing weight. “When I showed up, I was like, ‘Yo, are you OK? Because you lost a lot of weight,” he said. Justifying her reasons, King stated that her character, Halina Kurc, has such requirements – someone who has limited resources and is going through the Holocaust.


“I lost a lot, a lot, a lot of weight in this show because my character is a Jewish woman pretending to be Aryan. But at the beginning of the war they live on food rations. And access to food is so limited… We are not really experiencing the Holocaust; that is, we introduce the family. Ultimately, we should feel uncomfortable filming scenes that require so much emotion…” she explained.