Caroline Stanbury’s New Husband Worries He’s Dating His Ex (Exclusive Clip)
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Caroline Stanbury’s New Husband Worries He’s Dating His Ex (Exclusive Clip)

Caroline Stanbury she was stuck between a rock and her closet door. Or more specifically, her friend’s closet door, because she’s currently between houses and an apartment with her friend while construction is being finished at her place. IN Parade exclusive clip from episode 2 Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 Stanbury is desperate to escape the piles of bags, clothes, wallpaper, shoes, cosmetics and her friend’s North Face jacket that are turning her rented room into a movie set Collectors: Dubai. Unfortunately for her, the move-in date seems to be a moving target.

Meanwhile, Stanbury, her new husband Sergio Carrallo (not to mention their dog Chloe) are living out of a suitcase, and tensions are starting to mount. Especially since Sergio continues to remind his new wife that we want to get pregnant as soon as possible.

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But in footage from this week’s episode of “Friendship on the Rocks,” Stanbury realizes that Sergio has one more problem to add to his growing list. When Caroline informs him that he will join her on a trip to an American college for her daughter Yasmine by her ex-husband, Sergio suspects that this may be a chance for them to have a “honeymoon” to rekindle their romance. After all, nothing says romantic like, “Yale’s annual tuition is $62,250.”

Is Sergio overreacting? Will Caroline cheat on her ex-husband in her dorm room? Is living with a roommate harmful to both of you? Only time will tell.

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While we wait for answers, please watch this clip ahead of today’s episode.

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