As the first trailer shows, the second season of Arcane will be the last
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As the first trailer shows, the second season of Arcane will be the last

I’ve never played League Of Legends and have no intention of doing so, but Arcane was great. Set in the Riot MOBA world and featuring several playable characters, the Netflix miniseries was better animated and better written than any of its peers.

The second season is already on its way and is scheduled to debut in November this year. The trailer also calls it the “final chapter.”

Probably don’t watch this if you haven’t seen the first season:

Arcane Season 2 trailer. Watch on YouTube

The fact that this is the last season is good news, right? I really liked the first season of Arcane, but good stories have endings.

I may have to re-watch the first season between now and November because I’ve forgotten a lot of details since the first season started in 2021. Even I can see it picking up major plot points from the ending of the original, with several returning characters – which is why you shouldn’t have watched the trailer above if you haven’t seen the first season.

Arcane is the work of the French animation studio Fortiche, which, in addition to Arcane, also worked on K/DA music videos and game trailers for Riot. Riot bought a significant stake in the company in 2022, which suggests Arcane may not be their last League Of Legends-inspired animation project. Or maybe next time it will be the Valorant series, who knows.