Lakers Mock Dan Hurley Rejection: ‘Embarrassing’
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Lakers Mock Dan Hurley Rejection: ‘Embarrassing’

Dan Hurley’s high-profile rejection of the Lakers head coaching vacancy has led some to suggest the Purple & Gold should feel embarrassed about being overlooked by the UConn coach.

In a scathing article published Tuesday, Bill Plaschke of the La Times argued that Hurley’s refusal was an indictment of the dysfunction of the Lakers’ front office.

“This is embarrassing,” Plaschke wrote. “It’s as embarrassing as when Tyronn Lue turned them down five years ago over money and control issues. It’s almost as embarrassing as when Mike Krzyzewski turned them down 20 years ago to pass the rest of his career in Durham, North Carolina.”

Plaschke further wrote that it was “humiliating” for the Lakers to be turned down by a college coach who has talked about wanting to transition to the NBA.

“It’s disappointing for a Lakers franchise that Hurley personally looked at during his recent interview here, saw the best they had to offer and said…no,” Plaschke added.

Former NBA player Richard Jefferson felt that although Hurley’s decision to stay at UConn was to pursue a third straight NCAA title, the fact remains that the Lakers were denied.

“You have egg all over your face,” Jefferson said on ESPN’s “NBA Today.” “Because the Celtics are two wins away from winning a championship and you just got turned down (by) a guy from the East Coast who says, ‘I don’t want to do this. I still have more to accomplish at the ‘university.’ ‘”

Jefferson added that, historically, it’s “an honor” for coaches and players to represent the Purple & Gold because of the franchise’s rich history.

However, Hurley’s decision could taint some of those legacy points.

“I think it also shows that there are a number of issues within the Lakers that need to be addressed,” he added.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the team plans to hire its next head coach before the June 26-27 NBA Draft. Woj noted that the Lakers would “go back” to the candidates they interviewed before making Hurley a six-year, $70 million offer.