Riot unveils new LoL Mastery crests and suggests more changes in response to player outrage
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Riot unveils new LoL Mastery crests and suggests more changes in response to player outrage

After receiving a lot of feedback and criticism from the site League of Legends players, Riot Games showed off some significant changes planned for the future in the Mastery system.

First of all, one of the biggest changes planned by the developers is an update to the design of the championship crest and emote, which was the source of many complaints from the developers League fans. When the championship badges were originally redesigned earlier this year, players were outraged by the new look and said it looked like a “cheap mobile game.”

Planned changes to the championship crest for LoL
Sometimes less is more. Image via Riot Games

Riot also admitted that while some of the changes to champion proficiencies look good so far, there are a few aspects that need changing, including the appearance of the crest. Currently, the Championship crest designs are very different from their original appearance and feature a star-shaped design with very simple, modernized graphics.

The upcoming changes should be much better received as the crest still retains the same spirit of the original design with a modernized style, rather than the space-inspired crests we have today. The new crests feature a similar color palette to previous crests, while still exuding the same level of prestige as before, with gold wings at the forefront of the design.

In addition to the crest design, Riot will also bring back Challenges based on the number of Mastery Seven champions you had in your squad. This was a pretty serious problem for players who had already unlocked many challenges and titles over the last few years before the mastery system was updated.

Finally, Riot will be exploring different ways players can earn and advance their Mastery on other maps and modes other than Summoner’s Rift, which should be good news for players League gamers who don’t venture too far into the realm of casual gaming and often choose more casual modes like ARAM and Arena.

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