The Disgusting Braves stats don’t paint a clear picture of their potential NL playoff chances
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The Disgusting Braves stats don’t paint a clear picture of their potential NL playoff chances

The Atlanta Braves started the season with some of the highest expectations in the entire league, potentially minus the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was between the Yankees and Dodgers that the team had the highest expectations for them at the start of the year, but the Braves repeatedly fell short of those expectations.

It’s hard to say that Atlanta is having a disappointing season, as they still have a firm grip on the playoff spot, but they’re almost to the point where they’re struggling to survive rather than thrive.

Much of this has to do with injuries, mainly to their team’s two best players, Spencer Strider and Ronald Acuña Jr., but injuries did not prevent them from winning the World Series in 2021. Why is this year so different?

Well, Atlanta’s offense was bad. Not just a little weak, but quite poor in terms of being at the bottom of the league. I am not joking.

The Braves have ranked last in MLB in total runs scored since April 24. This is not a typo. Behind them are the White Sox and Athletics, as well as the other 27 teams in the league.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that their division rival, the Philadelphia Phillies, are in second place with 228 runs. Atlanta sits last in the standings with just 146 goals in a month and a half.

In one year, they went from a historic offense to one of the worst in the league. It’s impossible to attribute this type of fall solely to Acuña’s injury.

Yes, there will be some dips when it gets lost. He was incredible on his way to winning NL MVP last season, but he’s not the one responsible for this kind of historic run.

Regardless of the issue, Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos has his hands full heading into the trade deadline. Anthopoulos is known for being able to pull off some pretty lopsided trades, which puts the Braves in a good position to compete.

2024 will be the toughest test in Anthopoulos’ history. If he can get the right players on the field, the Braves always have a chance. Especially when you consider how well their starting pitching has performed this year.