Knife incident on regional train in Saarland;  the perpetrator gives up.
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Knife incident on regional train in Saarland; the perpetrator gives up.

Knitting incident on a regional train in Saarland: perpetrator resigns

Two people were sitting opposite each other on a regional train. Just before the train arrived at Saarbrücken station, one of the men suddenly stabbed the other – based on current findings, it was a senseless attack that did not indicate a previous conflict. Authorities are currently seeking additional details through interviews with the alleged attacker.

The alleged attacker turned himself in to police on Monday evening at Saarbrücken’s main station, and according to a spokesman for the local federal police, he is scheduled to appear before a judge today.

At the moment, the motive for the crime remains unclear. The suspect will be subjected to further interrogations. The investigation is being conducted by all possible means. The man in question is a 32-year-old Turkish national who, to the best of our knowledge, has never had any contact with law enforcement in the past.

He is accused of brutally attacking a 21-year-old passenger of a regional train with a knife on Monday evening, causing serious, but fortunately not life-threatening, injuries. The victim suffered a neck wound as a result of the attack.

Witnesses Wanted

A suspicious weapon was found at the train station after the incident. In addition, video recordings from the regional train were examined, said a spokesman for the Saarbrücken Federal Police. According to current information, the victim and the suspect were strangers who were sitting opposite each other in a four-seater compartment of the train.

Federal police officers took care of the injured 21-year-old. He was then taken to a medical facility and underwent surgery. It is believed that spectators saw the crime, the spokeswoman said. Nevertheless, no one has come forward so far.

The attack took place before the train stopped at the central station in Saarbrücken. The perpetrator escaped from the train after its arrival. After about two hours, during which both federal and state police were involved in the search, the man turned himself in, the spokeswoman said.

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